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Geomechanics and Wellbore Stability

Geomechanics is the science or area that treats diagnosis, analysis and control of rock failure or deformation. This services often referred to as rock mechanics encompass all aspect of drilling and production from well planning, drilling string design and analysis, casing design, drilling operations, open hole logging and perforations design, completions and production design etc hence the growing importance of this services in E&P operations. Wellbore instability is a major problem during the drilling of many oil and gas wells. It is often quoted as costing the industry between 0.5 and 1.0 billion dollars per year. It currently leads to major difficulties in such diverse areas as the North Sea, Argentina, Nigeria and Tarim Basin. At WellSteer Oilfield Technology Services, we offer wide range of services for our customers;


            • Pore-pressure prediction
            • Wellbore-stability forecast and control
            • Well planning and trajectory optimization
            • Sand production prediction and control
            • Reservoir-compaction prediction
            • Reservoir stimulation design
            • Fracture reservoir characterization
            • Drilling risk analysis
            • Perforation design
            • Earth stress analysis
            • Mud weight selection and hole cleaning design


            • Reduce nonproductive drilling time
            • Elimination of unnecessary trips and casing strings
            • Reduce rig days by optimal use of operational time, data and resources
            • Real-time reservoir management updates for more efficient decisions
            • Mud weight selection and hole cleaning design

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