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Technical Training, Recruiting and Personnel Development
Technical skills training and development spanning E&P operations with key emphasizes on drilling and evaluation services

Training and development is the key to any business success and profitability, with ever changing and advancement in the technology in the production of oil and gas, the in industry is constantly sourcing for new and better ways. The E&P companies and Services Companies are spending on R&D in other to research better and innovative way of finding oil. At WellSteer Oilfield Technology Services we provide different technical training and programs to train and development professional in the area of oil and gas drilling, evaluation and production.
The training scheme or program is grouped into categories as briefly summarize but not limited;

Petrophysics, Reservoir Characterization and Performance

            • Geosteering/Well Placement Seminar
            • Horizontal Well Interpretation and Evaluation – New Trend in LWD               Interpretation
            • Producibility Estimation in Horizontal Well
            • Log Interpretation Seminars
            • Mud weight selection and hole cleaning design

Reservoir Completion and Simulation

            • Pressure Simulations Analysis/Multilateral Pressure-Transient Responses
            • Inflow Analysis and Optimization of Slotted Liners
            • Skin Damage and Sand Control in Horizontal Wells


             Coil Tubing Technology
            • Drilling Risk Management/Optimization
            • Cutting Transport Mechanisms in Inclined and Horizontal Wells
            • Stuckpipe Mechanism – Recent Development and Management

Geomechanics and Wellbore Stability

            • Sand Production and Control in Horizontal Wells
            • Stability in Extended-Reach and horizontal wells

Management Development Seminars

            • Communication and Presentation Skills
            • Technical sales/Sales Management Seminar.









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